Solar Energy Solutions for the Developing World

EastWest Sungate, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Hawaii & California, USA with partnerships and networks over the world.

We recruit voluteers to visit cities and villages to install solar PV related systems, such as solar electric, solar thermal, solar powered water pumps, etc. We offer training and maintenance programs for local people for community development. We are open to small systems to large commercial scale projects.

What We Do...

  1. Provide
    Solar Power

    We bring justice to our fellow human beings in the developing world by providing solar energy to their living environment in order to meet their basic needs and create opportunities to improve their quality of life. We design particular solar power systems grid-tied or stand-alone, or even combined with water pumps.

  2. Create

    Create Opportunities for Any Groups to Participate in Solar Projects. We work with any voluntary groups, such as church teams, mission organizations, or voluntary groups from abroad and equip them to be able to take part in a local solar installation project(s).

  3. Network with
    other Organizations

    We will work with other organizations to achieve the same objective to help overcome energy poverty over the world.